3 Reasons Your Business Needs Procedure Manuals

Have you ever been in the flow, slashing through your to-do list, and feeling like you’d finally got the right processes to make things happen smoothly? Maybe you think to yourself, “I should write this down.” Then it’s gone. You’re on to the next thing, and life keeps rolling along. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that you SHOULD write that down. If you don’t document your processes and systems, it’s like they never happened. Consistency is critical, and having well-organized procedure manuals is the way to keep it that way. 

Not sure this applies to you, a small business with few employees? Or maybe you’re a consultant, coach, or solopreneur. Yes, this applies to you. And here are three reasons why all businesses, regardless of size, need procedure manuals.

Procedure manuals provide a framework for quality control and improvement.

Writing down your processes helps make sure you produce the same quality product over and over again. Just as a chef creates a recipe for their signature dish, your procedure manual is your recipe for success. It also gives you a means for recording tweaks and updates that you make over time to refine your product and services.

Procedure manuals are a necessary training or “in case of emergency” tool.

A procedure manual is a great how-to guide for employees that are learning new processes. Giving new employees a manual to refer to sets them up for success and empowers them to take initiative. The second point is about emergencies. Where are the most important details of your business located? In your head? That won’t be helpful if someone else needs to step in for some reason. The same applies to any other key employees.

Procedure manuals give validity to what you say you do.

Can you provide evidence for your business practices? Why would I need to do that, you may ask. Applying for grants or loans, receiving a financial audit, or legal action are a few situations where procedure manuals may come in handy. They give tangible proof to your daily business activities.

Who’s got time to sit down and write a procedure manual? You’re busy making things happen! It takes time to write a manual that is detailed and also easy to understand. Need help? Let’s discuss how we can get your procedure manuals started today.

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